My makeup career has taken me on the craziest journey in the last seven years. It has been full of brides, cross dressers, zombies, opera singers, circus clowns, and Grammy nominated rappers. My makeup case has been my companion on numerous buses, trains, and planes. I absolutely love making women see themselves for who they really are, a GODDESS. The only thing I love more is teaching women how to accomplish the look whenever they choose.

I’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting my combination of technical art principles and creativity.  I am completely self-taught in beauty, stage, and special effects makeup.  I spend days on end researching the latest trends in beauty found around the world; I find passion using innovative techniques and styles for the creation of a personalized look to suit your occasion. You can feel my love for this art when we work together. I hope that's soon, sis.

​​​ ​
Belizean by blood, now American citizen, I have a strong pride in my roots, my culture, and my country.  After leaving the United States Army , I set out to find a new start fusing my passion for art, beauty and creation. It was a big leap, but with a little faith and a little motivation, I’m living my dream. ​​​​I was a single mother with two jobs and going to school. After class and work, I posted special effects makeup looks on social media. It boosted my already budding makeup career. It was then, that I was absolutely sure that I wanted makeup to be the only thing that fed my daughter.

-February 2017: glamour makeup for JawBreaking clothing campaign

-December 2016: Bridal makeup in Cameroon, Africa

-November 2015: glamour makeup for TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”

-March 2015: Worked on clowns for Universoul Circus

-March 2015: Featured in Seventeen Magazine

-March 2015: Work displayed outside of BCBG in South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC

- April 2014: Special effects makeup for Dallas’ zombie race

-April 2019: Featured on

-March 2019: Makeup for the induction of Chief Justice Cheri Beasley

-May 2018: Became a makeup artist at MAC

-February 2018: Makeup for a project is Nikon’s “Top 100 Photographers of the Century”

-Nov 2017: Taught a makeup class for a loc convention

-April 2017: Glam for Grammy nominated musician, Rapsody for the Art of Cool Festival.

-March 2017: Won Best in makeup at Raleigh’s BBU Awards

-March 2017: Makeup for Tribute to Olympian, Gabby Douglas. NuSol Hair Show.